Parishes by Alphabetical Listing, and Listing by Regions and Deaneries

Parishes by Alphabetical Listing


1. Akwaihedi: St. Mary Mother of God Parish, Akwaihedi
2. Amichi: Our Lady Queen of Heaven, Amichi
3. Amichi: St. James Parish, Amichi
4. Amichi: St. Hyacinth Parish, Amichi
5. Azia: St. Andrew's Parish, Azia
6. Azia: Mary the Queen Parish, Azia
7. Azigbo: St. David's Parish, Azigbo
8. Ebenator: St. Matthew's Parish, Ebenator
9. Ekwulumili: St Luke's Parish, Box 64,  Ekwulumili.
10. Ekwulumili: St. Mary's Parish, Ekwulumili
11. Ezinifite: St. Michael's Parish, Ezinifite, Box 1026, Nnewi
12. Ezinifite: St. Thomas Parish, Ezinifite
13. Ezinifite: Our Lady Gate of Heaven Parish, Ezinifite
14. Ichi: St. Patrick's Parish, Ichi
15. Ichi: Divine Mercy Parish, Ichi
16. Ihembosi: St. Anthony's Parish, Ihembosi
17. Ihembosi: Mary the Queen Parish, Ihembosi
18. Ihiala: St. Martin of Tours, Ihiala
19. Ihiala: St. Gregory's Parish, Ihiala
20. Ihiala: Christ the King Parish, Ihiala
21. Ihiala: St. Paul's Parish, Ihiala
22. Ihiala: St. Joseph's Parish, Ihiala
23. Ihiala: Immaculate Heart Parish, Ihiala
24. Ihiala: St. Christopher's Parish, Ihiala
25. Ihiala: Mary the Queen Parish, Ihiala
26. Ihiala: All Saints' Parish, Ihiala
27. Ihiala: St. Theresa's Parish, Ihiala
28. Isseke: St. Joseph's Parish, Isseke
29. Isseke: St. James Parish, Isseke
30. Lilu: St. Charles Borromeo Parish, Lilu
31. Lilu: St. Denis Parish, Lilu
32. Mbosi: St. Patrick's Parish, Mbosi
33. Mbosi: All Saints' Parish, Mbosi
34. Nnewi: Our Lady of Assumption Cathedral, Nnewi
35. Nnewi: Holy Trinity Parish, Nnewi
36. Nnewi: All Saints' Parish, Nnewi
37. Nnewi: St. Mary's Parish, Nnewi
38. Nnewi: St. John Cross Parish, Nnewi
39. Nnewi: St. Philip's Parish, Nnewi
40. Nnewi: St. Louis' Parish, Nnewi
41. Nnewi: St. Peter Claver's Parish, Otolo, Nnewi
42. Nnewi: St. Peter Claver's Parish, Nnewichi, Nnewi
43. Nnewi: St. Charles Parish, Nnewi
44. Nnewi: St. Michael's Parish, Nnewi
45. Nnewi: St. Joseph's Parish, Nnewi
46. Nnewi: Holy Family Parish, Nnewi
47. Nnewi: St. Cletus Parish,  Nnewi
48. Nnewi: St. Felix Parish, Nnewi
49. Nnewi: St. John Apostle and Evangelist, Nnewi
50. Nnewi: Our Lady of Fatima Parish, Nnewi
51. Nnewi: St. Martin de Porres Parish, Nnewi
52. Nnewi: St. James Parish, Nnewi
53. Nnewi: St. Monica's Parish, Nnewi
54. Nnewi: Holy Spirit Parish, Nnewi
55. Nnewi: St. Jude's Parish, Nnewi
56. Nnewi: St. Augustine's Parish, Nnewi
57. Ogwuaniocha: St. Paul's Parish, Ogwuaniocha
58. Okija: St. Mary's Parish, Okija
59. Okija: St. Patrick's Parish, Okija
60. Okija: St. Paul's Parish, Okija
61. Okija: St. Michael's Parish, Okija
62. Okija: St. Benedict's Parish, Okija
63. Okija: St. Anthony's Parish, Okija
64. Okija: St. Jude's Parish, Okija
65. Okija: Sacred Heart Parish, Okija
66. Okija: St. John's Parish, Okija
67. Okija: Christ the King Parish, Okija
68. Okija-Umuzu: St. Mary's Parish, Umuzu
69. Oraifite: St. George's Parish, Oraifite
70. Oraifite: St. Mary's Parish, Oraifite
71. Oraifite: All Saints Parish, Oraifite
72. Oraifite:  St. John's Parish, Oraifite
73. Orsumoghu: Immaculate Conception Parish, Orsumoghu
74. Orsumoghu: St. Theresa's Parish, Orsumoghu
75. Osumenyi: Holy Spirit Parish, Osumenyi
76. Osumenyi: St. Anthony of Padua Parish, Osumenyi
77. Osumenyi: St. Lawrence Parish, Osumenyi
78. Osumenyi: St. Fabian's Parish, Osumenyi
79. Ozubulu: St. Michael's Parish, Amakwa, Ozubulu
80. Ozubulu: St. Philip's Parish, Ozubulu
81. Ozubulu:  St. Michael's Parish, Eziora, Ozubulu
 82. Ozubulu: Sacred Heart Parish, Ozubulu
83. Ozubulu: Christ the King Parish,  Ozubulu
84. Ozubulu: St. Joseph's Parish, Ozubulu
85. Ozubulu: St. Kevin's Parish, Ozubulu
86. Ozubulu: St. Anthony of Padua Parish, Ozubulu (Ofufe-Nza)
87. Ozubulu: St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Ozubulu
88. Ozubulu: St. John the Baptist Parish, Ozubulu
89. Ubuluisiuzor: St. John's Parish, Ubuluisiuzor
90. Ukpor: St. Mary Mother of the Church Parish,  Ukpor
91. Ukpor: Holy Trinity Parish, Ukpor
92. Ukpor: St. Mary's Parish, Umuohama, Ukpor
93. Ukpor: St. Peter Claver's Parish,  Ukpor
94. Ukpor: Holy Family Parish, Ukpor
95. Ukpor: St. Matthew's Parish, Ukpor
96. Ukpor: St. Jude's Parish,  Ukpor
97. Unubi: St. Patrick's Parish, Unubi
98. Unubi:  St. Jude's Parish, Unubi
99. Utuh: St. Peter Claver's Parish, Utuh
100. Utuh: St. Stephen's Parish, Utuh



Parishes by Regions and Deaneries



            A. Uruagu-Nnewi Deanery
i. St.  John of the Cross Parish, Nnewi
ii. St.  Peter Claver's Parish, Nnewichi
iii. Our Lady of Assumption Cathedral Parish, Nnewi
iv. Our Lady of Fatima Parish, Nnewi
v. St. Luke's Chaplaincy, Nnewi
vi. St. Louis' Parish Nnewi
vii. St. Philip’s Parish Nnewi
viii. St. Charles' Parish, Nnewi
ix. Holy Spirit Parish Nnewi
x. St. Mary’s Parish, Nnewi
xi. All Saints Parish, Nnewi
xii. St. Jude’s Parish, Nnewi
xiii. Holy Trinity Parish Nnewi
xiv St Augustine’s Parish Nnewi


  B.    Otolo - Nnewi Deanery

i. St. Peter Claver's Parish, Otolo Nnewi
ii. St. Michael's Parish, Nnewi
iii. St. Joseph's Parish, Nnewi
iv. St. Cletus Parish, Nnewi
v. St. Martin's Parish, Nnewi
vi. St. John the Apostle & Evangelist Parish, Nnewi
vii. St. James Parish, Nnewi
viii. St. Felix Parish, Nnewi
ix. St. Monica's Parish, Nnewi
x. Holy Family Parish, Nnewi



      A. Ozubulu Deanery                               
i. St. Michael’s Parish, Amakwa-Ozubulu
ii. St. Michael’s Parish, Eziora –Ozubulu
iii. St. Joseph’s Parish, Ozubulu
iv. St. Kevin’s Parish, Ozubulu
v. St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Ozubulu
vi. St. John the Baptist Parish, Ozubulu
vii. St. Anthony’s Parish, Ihembosi
viii. Mary the Queen Parish, Ihembosi
ix. St. Anthony of Padua Parish, Ozubulu (Ofufe-Nza)
x. Christ The King Parish, Ozubulu
xi. Sacred Heart Parish, Ozubulu
xii St Philip’s Parish, Ozubulu


B. Oraifite Deanery

i. St. George’s Parish, Oraifite
ii. St. Mary's Parish, Oraifite
iii. St John’s Parish Oraifite
iv. All Saints Parish Oraifite
v. St. Patrick's Parish, Ichi
vi. Vincentian Postulate House, Oraifite
vii. Divine Mercy Parish, Ichi


  C. Ukpor Deanery

i. St. Mary, Mother of the Church Parish, Ukpor Centre
ii. St. Mary's Parish Umuohama, Ukpor
iii. St. Peter Claver's Parish, Ukpor
iv. St. Paul's Seminary, Ukpor
v. Holy Trinity Parish, Ukpor
vi. Holy Family Parish, Ukpor
vii. St. Matthew’s Parish, Ukpor
vii St. Jude’s Parish, Ukpor



   A. Ihiala Deanery
i. St. Martin of Tours Parish, Ihiala
ii. St. Gregory's Parish, Ihiala
iii. St. Paul's Parish, Ihiala
iv. Christ the King Parish, Ihiala
v. St. Joseph's Parish, Ihiala
vi. Immaculate Heart Parish, Ihiala
vii. Holy Ghost Juniorate, Ihiala
viii. Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital  Chaplaincy, Ihiala
ix. St. Christopher's Parish, Ihiala
x. Mary the Queen Parish, Ihiala
xi. All Saints Parish, Ihiala
xii. St. Paul’s Parish, Ogwuaniocha
xiii. St. Theresa’s Parish, Ihiala


B. Okija Deanery

i. St. Mary's Parish, Okija
ii. St. Anthony's Parish, Okija
iii. Sacred Heart Parish, Okija
iv. Madonna University Chaplaincy Okija .
v. Holy Ghost Farm, Okija
vi. St Patrick’s Parish, Okija
vii. St. Paul’s Parish, Okija
viii. St. Michael’s Parish, Okija
ix. St. Jude’s Parish, Okija
x. St. Benedict’s Parish, Okija
xi. St. Mary’s Parish, Umuzu
xii. St. John’s Parish, Okija
xiii. Christ The King Parish, Okija


 C. Orsumoghu Deanery

i. St. Mary's Parish, Orsumoghu
ii. St. Theresa’s Parish, Orsumoghu
iii. St. Andrew's Parish, Azia
iv. St. Mary the Queen’s Parish, Azia
v. St. Patrick's Parish, Mbosi
vi. St. Charles Borromeo Parish, Lilu
vii. St. Joseph's Parish, Isseke
viii. St. James Parish Isseke
ix St John the Baptist Parish, Ubuluisiuzor
x. St. Dennis Parish, Lilu
xi. All Saints Parish Mbosi


   A.  Amichi Deanery
i. Our Lady Queen of Heaven Parish, Amichi
ii. St. James Parish, Amichi
iii. St. Patrick's Parish, Unubi
iv. St. Luke's Parish, Ekwulumili
v. St. Mary's Parish, Ekwulumili
vi. St. Hyacinth Parish, Amichi
vii. St. David's Parish, Azigbo
viii. St. Jude’s Parish, Unubi


B.  Osumenyi Deanery

i. Holy Spirit Parish, Osumenyi
ii. St. Anthony of Padua Parish, Osumenyi
iii St. Michael's Parish, Ezinifite
iv. St. Peter Claver's Parish, Utuh
v. St. Matthew's Parish, Ebenator
vi. St. Thomas Aquinas Parish, Ezinifite
vii. St. Stephen’s Parish, Utuh
viii. St. Mary's Parish, Akwaihedi
ix. St. Lawrence Parish, Osumenyi
x. Our Lady Gate of Heaven Parish, Ezinifite
xi. St Fabian’s Parish, Osumenyi



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